A Comprehensive Guide to James Bond Roulette Strategy for Easy Win at Online Casino

The famous British spy is not only famous on the big screen, there is an equal fan following of him in the casino world too.

In most of the James Bond movies, especially in Casino Royale, you can see James Bond winning a whopping amount of cash in Baccarat along with the high stake pokers.

But do you know what was the favorite casino game of the creator of Jame bond, Ian Fleming?

No prize for guessing. It was Roulette. However, that wasn’t where the roulette betting strategy was derived. The strategy was named after the character for his charismatic appearance and sharp gambling wits.

In this article, you will learn about the roulette betting strategy that will help you to improve your chances of winning drastically.

About James Bond Roulette Bet

The James Bond roulette bet is a flat betting system which means in every spin, you will place the same bet. This strategy can help you to win a lot of money pretty quickly.

However, like every other game, you may be stuck at the dead-end if your luck has taken a toll on the day.

To play the James Bond online roulette strategy, you will need to have a decent amount of bankroll.

The Online James Bond Roulette Strategy

Let’s take 20 units a spin for example. Since this is a combination bet method, you will need to place three different bets each time.

At first, you will need to stake 14 units on the big numbers that are 19 and 36. Then, you will need to bet 5 units on the double street. Now that you covered the two rows of three, which are 13 and 18, you will put the final 1 unit remaining on 0.

The main purpose of the strategy is to cover every possible outcome to improve your chances of winning drastically.

However, while applying the roulette, you will need to check on which type of roulette you are placing your bet on.

Generally, the James Bond roulette strategy was made for British roulette, because James Bond was a British character. Once more no extra points for guessing the obvious.

However, you can use the strategy for American roulette too. In the American roulette, simply place the last 1 unit as a split between 0 and the 00 segments.

If you can afford it, you can repeat the spins in the same process to maximize the profit.

Maximum Amount that Can be Won with the James Bond Roulette Strategy

Stating the obvious, you can’t dream of winning all the bets with the James Bond Roulette Strategy. You cannot win the 19-36 bet ‘0’ number if one of the numbers from your chosen group of six comes in. And if it’s the green zero, then you can’t win the group of six or any of the high numbers.

Here is what your profits and loss will look like with the 20 units example:

  • If it’s 1-12, then you will lose the entire 20 unit
  • If it is 13-18 at a 5/1, you will win 25 units, which means a 5 unit profit
  • If it is 19-36 at a 1/1, then you will win 28 units which means an 8 units profit
  • If it is 0 at 35/1, you will win 35 units which means a 15 units profit

So, if you want to win anything at all, you will need to avoid 1-12 in every possible way. You will also need to land on zero occasionally to boost your profit.

Is the James Bond Strategy Worth It? 

To be true, there is no such betting strategy in the world, regardless of the game, they can guarantee you profit every single time.

However, with a strategy, such as this online roulette strategy, you can improve your chances of winning drastically. It is better to practice and understand the game thoroughly before applying the high stake strategy such as the James Bond Roulette Strategy.

The next time you go to a casino for a game of roulette, make sure you wear a tux and order a martini, shaken not stirred, and then apply the strategy, because that’s what James Bond would do.

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