Being one of the oldest betting games, Roulette has stories about its origin. The history of this wonderful game is way back from the 17th century, has its root from Blaise Pascal , who has created the popular roulette wheel that had thirty six numbers.

As per historians, this game has appeared to have been played in Ancient China as well as played in entertaining soldiers in camps in the Roman Empire. This article is written primarily for the new players who are keen on playing French Roulette either online casinos or brick wall clubs in a lively environment.

Interestingly, Roulette has a couple of other versions besides French Roulette, namely American and Europe versions. Basically, these versions do not have many variations from the French version. In fact these two versions have more similarities than differences.

Game rules and types of French Roulette

As said earlier the rules for the French roulette are same as the other varieties. A careful analysis all the roulette games indicate many common rules for the players.  In every version, a player has to predict the number that will appear on the wheel at the close of its rotation.  To make a successful betting, a player has to work out the combinations of color of the field as well guess the even or odd numbers before the wheel stops after its rotation.

As a thumb rule, the French roulette where the colors of the wheel is red and black cells with numbers from 1 to 36.  In a brick wall casino, the dealer accepts the bets and throws the ball and begins the rotation. In the case of online roulette game, these functions are done by the machines and the random number generator is responsible for the outcome of the final results.

Key things to know in French roulette

While doing a betting with the French roulette, there is no restriction for the number of players. Hence may it take part? However, all should use the same type chips which have similar values.

In this game, the croupier is like the umpire who starts announcing the start of the game as well as the winning number.

One can also get some inputs from these individuals, who assist in betting when asked by the players. This may not happen in all casinos.

In general these persons help the new comers to the game. It is always wise for the players to know some basic rules before commencing whether online or offline French roulette games.

With some basic inputs, one can play with great ease and find success after a decent practice. More than the luck, the skill counts in these unique betting games.

How to play French roulette?

Like other type of roulette games, playing French roulette is as easy as others. The real difference lies, the table sides. The American version has even chances on one side whereas the Roulette table, they are on both sides. French version has the same on both the sides. Player should make their bets before the croupier says; no more bets’. He will make the ball to spin on the wheel. As the ball settles in a compartment, the croupier will announce the winning number and payment is done by him.

When it comes to types of bets, there are many of them such as straight bet for the inside, split hands on the outside. New players who play online should go through the playing details which are shared by several roulette websites. It is wise to follow those tips in order to make the game easier. One can also consult the senior players through an online chat for some useful tips.