When and where will the rest of the IPL matches? Can India be snatched from T20 World Cup hosting in November; Know everything

Because of Covid19 pandemic situation, the Cricket Board of India (BCCI) has postponed the IPL, but at the same time, many big issues have been raised in front of the BCCI. What will happens next? When and where will the rest of the tournament games be played? When and how are India currently sending foreign players to their country? And the main question – can the November T20 World Cup be moved from India? When will the IPL be restarted?

When will the IPL start again?

IPL will not start at the moment until situation become better. The BCCI has said in its statement that it is necessary now that the tournament be postponed. BCCI will make every effort to ensure that everyone goes back to their family and loved ones in this difficult time. This statement from the BCCI shows that at the moment all the players will return to their homes.

So, will the IPL be done now?

The BCCI has not said so, and would not even like that. Corona’s conditions in the country do not seem to be improving so soon. In such a situation, the possibility of completion of IPL before India’s tour of England is less. Team India players will be vacant in July between the final of the World Test Championship and the tour to England, but it is difficult to hold the tournament outside the country in this window.

The Indian team will return in September after touring England. After test championship, the team has to play a series against New Zealand before the T20 World Cup to be held in November. In such a situation, perhaps IPL in September will be more suitable for BCCI. Where will the rest of the tournament matches be played? It is difficult to tell this right now.

The election of Venue will be a difficult decision for the BCCI. Before the IPL, when the Corona cases were coming down in the country, the BCCI paid least attention to traveling for matches against England. But now he will have to think over his decision to get IPL matches in different cities.

Many countries of the world have banned flights coming from India, then how will foreign players go back?

After the postponement of IPL, the first challenge of BCCI is to send foreign players back to their country. In view of the increasing cases of corona in India, many countries of the world have banned flights those coming from India. Many are in the process of preparing it. In such a situation, it will be a big challenge for the BCCI to send these players back to their country.

Australia has banned people coming from India till 15 May. Adam Jampa, Kane Richardson and Andrew Tye had returned to the country before this order came into force, but when the IPL was postponed, 14 Australian players were playing. They are waiting for return to the country.

England has been quarantining those coming from other countries for 10 days. At the same time, Bangladesh has stopped air transport from India. However, those coming by road are being quarantined for 14 days. UAE, the transit point for flights to most countries of the world, has also banned flights coming from India. However, New Zealand has not taken any decision on this yet.

Will the postponement of IPL affect T20 World Cup to be held in India?

BCCI’s bio bubble failed in IPL. Within a few days, players from four teams and support staff were found to be Corona positive. After this, the question is now arising whether it will be safe to organize the T20 World Cup in India. The ICC will definitely talk to the BCCI about this. It could also be that the ICC shifts it to UAE.

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